Pink Elephant Wreath

If you’ve read my blog before then it’s not a surprise that I love making wreaths. I especially like to cut out a base using cardboard from an empty cereal box. Using boxes you have lying around is a great way to make a simple wreath for any occasion. With the supplies you have on hand this project can be done for free without making a trip to the craft store. Over a year ago I bought a really cute pack of chipboard stickers that I just had to have. I’ve only used a few of them since then but still really like them. Some were just so large I didn’t know how to use them. One of them is pink elephant that is very cute. I decided that because I’m in the Valentine crafting spirit I could put the elephant to use. Having decided to make a wreath, I went digging for other red, white, and pink things to decorate with. I had a package of paper flowers that I hadn’t found a use for yet, perfect!

Wreath making supplies

I cut out two big circles from the cereal box and glued them back to back. Next I picked out a printed paper that would cover the front and back of the wreath. I glued the red striped paper down to each side and then cut a hole in the center of the wreath using my craft knife. To hang the wreath, I cut a length of sparkly red ribbon and tied the ends together and looped it onto the wreath. Time to decorate! I chose to use my hot glue gun for this because the quick drying time is great and the hold is strong. I started hot gluing my paper flowers at the top of the wreath and worked my way around until it was covered. I did all of large flowers first and then filled in areas with the smaller flowers. I glued some small flowers onto the a few large ones to accent them. With all of the flowers in place it was time for the elephant, I left the paper backing on the elephant sticker and used got glue to attach it to the bottom left side of the wreath.

Pink Elephant

With all the main pieces glued down, I added embellishments. I went through my binders and picked out pink, red, white, and purple things. I used hot glue to add my buttons, gemstone flowers, hearts, and pearls. Adding a little bit of sparkle and dimension all around the wreath really brought out the flowers and made them stand out individually.

Embellishment details

Now I have a cute wreath that is suitable as a Valentine decoration but can be hung up all year round. I hope that this project inspires you to use the things you already have to create something wonderful and new. Thanks for reading!

Pretty in Pink Elephant Wreath

Tickled Pink at 504 Main

Light bulb of love

A few days ago I came across a great tutorial on to make light bulb decorations with heart shaped filaments. I’ve seen this craft before and always wanted to try it out. I didn’t have any regular light bulbs in my house because I’ve replaced just about all of them with compact fluorescent lamps. I was thinking about saving this craft for later when I remembered I have two plain glass Christmas bulbs left over. I figured I could make my own version of those small round little light bulbs.

The parts I made for my bulb

To start, I removed the ornament cap from each of the glass bulbs. I had some aluminum sheets that I cut strips from and embossed with lines. I curled each strip around a thick marker  to make the base for my light bulb. Using some thin silver wire I shaped my heart filament and twisted the ends together for the stem. I made a decorative base to glue my finished light bulb to out of chipboard. I inked the edges and the top and bottom areas that would be exposed with dark brown ink. I cut a circle out of paper printed with gears for the top and glued that down. I punched a hole in the middle and stuck my filament down through it to a height appropriate for the bulb. I secured the wire to the bottom of the chipboard with tape and then glued my brown velvet circle onto the bottom. With the base complete I just had to glue the silver piece to my glass bulb and then glue the finished bulb onto my decorated base.

The base of the bulb
finished bottom

I think my replica light bulb is pretty cool. I got to try something new and use up some leftover Christmas ornaments in the process. Someday I’d like to use real light bulbs and  make some interesting little things to go inside of them. At least for now I made my own version and am happy with it. I hope you like it!

Light bulbs of love

The Girl Creative