Organizing Rubber Stamps

Today I want to expand on how I organize my craft space. I am a big fan of rubber stamps. When I first started buying them I would keep them in a small box on my shelf. When I needed a stamp I had to pick each one out of the box to find the one I wanted. As my box got bigger I had to look through more stamps and it became pretty annoying. I decided to look for a better way to store them, a way to see a lot at once and be able to pick up only the one I needed. I really liked some photos I saw online that used creative wooden storage, small shelves or picture ledges. Unfortunately, I live in a rental and can’t commit to wall storage on the kind of scale I’d like. I needed something that would fit on my giant bookcase by my desk and be more useful than bins and boxes. I looked around for drawer type storage but a lot of the products I found were too deep, then I’d just be digging in a box again! I finally found a perfect solution at The Container Store. The product I purchased was Stackable Desktop Drawers. I bought two sets, each set has three drawers. These are the perfect depth for a wood mounted rubber stamp. I stacked the two sets and they fit perfectly on the shelf. The drawers are sturdy and the weight of the stamps inside means that I can easily slide out the drawers and look for my stamps without the whole thing moving around. I am very happy with this system and will be adding a third set of drawers soon!

The perfect stamp drawer

A huge innovation in the stamping world came in the form of “Cling” stamps. These stamps are not mounted on a wood block. The benefit is that you can buy the stamp at a lower cost and without all the wood mounts, the stamps take us less space. A lot of these style stamps are being made in a clear material that you stick onto an acrylic block that acts as the traditional wood block. This is a great invention because it lets you see exactly where your stamped image will be! You can also buy traditional pink rubber stamps with backing of cling material that sticks to the acrylic block. If you carve your own stamps you can buy a sticky backed cling sheet to turn your own creation into a cling stamp. I have all three of these varieties and love them. Storage became an issue quickly as I was digging through piles of sheets of stamps. I found a set of 3 ring binder inserts that are basically thick plastic pages that the stamps stick to. I keep my stamps on these pages in a big binder and can flip through it easily while seeing all of the stamps laid flat. Some brands stick better than others, and a larger sheet sometimes stays put better than a small one. In the end, it depends on the stamp. I do have a small box for the ones that just won’t stick in the binder. Overall, I like this method and would recommend it as a low cost way to store “Cling” stamps. I purchase my storage sheets at

Cling stamp binder

I couldn’t enjoy any of my stamps without ink pads. To organize my ink pads, cleaner, and various acrylic stamping blocks, I use a stacked set of storage bins. This particular product is made by Snapware. I can keep the acrylic blocks and my black ink pad in the top section which is smaller, and all the other ink in the other two sections. This really holds a lot of ink pads and allows me to pick it up of the shelf and bring it to my desk easily.

My Stamping Box
Nice and Tidy