Great Storage Products

I’d like to share a few more simple products that have helped me be creative while keeping supplies in their place. You might remember the Snapware storage container I use to keep my stamping blocks and ink pads in. Well, that is the same one I use as a sewing box. I love this container because I can keep all these supplies together yet separate and it is compact and has a handle. I can pull this box out of the closet and use it wherever I’m sewing. I keep all of my small tools in the top section. It’s great for pins, markers, rotary cutters, labels, and any little supplies you have. The middle section is where I keep small notions and my button box. In the bottom section I keep all of my spools of thread. This box keeps things organized and makes working on projects easy.

Sewing Box
My Supplies
Button Box

Another product I like is one I didn’t know I needed until I had it. It’s a ribbon storage drawer. I had made my own cardboard pieces to wrap ribbon around and had them all sitting in a bin. It worked fine but could get messy. I saw this ribbon drawer and decided it wasn’t too expensive so I bought it. The slim design comes with plastic boards to wrap your ribbon on and the front of the drawer has a slot for a label. I really like how it doesn’t take up much space and can stay on the shelf. Now I can just slide out a drawer without pulling the whole box out to find what I need. This box was made by Cropper Hopper, they have some new styles now so I don’t know if you can find this same box anymore. You can still buy the card inserts which are a big help even if you don’t have the drawer to match.

Ribbon Storage

The last thing I want to mention in terms of storage is paper. I have a lot of scrapbook paper! The storage method I like best is using upright plastic holders. These are made by Cropper Hopper and hold 12″ x 12″ paper. I have a few of these that I keep on my desk and they are great. I like having my paper close by because I often need lots of different designs. Having them at a lower height makes them easier to flip through to find what I need. You can buy or make organizing inserts with tabs to label and sort your designs too!

Paper Supply