The case of the spotted monster…

Hey everyone! I’ve been staying busy with some school stuff but I am trying to make a few new things for an upcoming show. The Super Rad PDX Craft Show is this weekend, check out the details in my events section or visit Super Rad PDX! To make a long story short, this is my latest creation. I¬†acquired more fake fur than you could imagine awhile back and just started trying some new things. This little guy started with some inspiration from a game I’ve been playing on my phone. The game is simple, feeding and playing with pet monsters. One monster in the game has curly ears that I thought were too cute. So, here is a monster with curly ears!

Curly ears

I start making new monsters by drawing out a pattern on paper. I cut out the paper pattern to mark my fabric. I originally had a different idea for the feet and this creature was going to be standing up. When I got the body sewn up and partly stuffed, I decided I wanted it to be a “sitter”. That’s how I describe flat bottoms and dangling legs or feet. So, the reason this post deserves a mystery novel title is as follows… changing a design midway is all fine and dandy, but this time I wasn’t thinking clearly and cut out a round piece for the seat area. After a frustrating amount of time, which shall remain a secret, I realized I cut the wrong shape! The last few “sitters” I made had round bottoms and by habit I just went with round. Silly me! This guy needed an oval shape, no wonder it wasn’t working!

An all around view

The thing I wanted to share with my fellow crafters is this, everyone makes a mistake once in awhile! I eventually stepped away from the table and two minutes later realized what I was doing wrong. Remember to take a break, it’s really easy to keep trying the wrong way hoping it will magically work. Even when I’m doing something like this, that I love and enjoy, I need to take breaks. Lesson learned. In the end, I am pleased with this new creature and I’m sure it will be a big hit at the show on Sunday.

The curly eared monster
Glow in the dark eyes






Special touches make the monster

Colorful One Eyed Monsters

Have you ever made something over and over again? I have a few plush creations that I like to make in lots of different colors. I like to see them all together, the same but different. I’ve been making my One Eyed Monsters in their various colors for awhile now. Recently, I had a couple of friends who I wanted to make something special for. I decided to to make them each a One Eyed Monster of their very own. Instead of using bright rainbow colors I used Black. Because these monsters were for very special people, and were given to show love and support, I needed to make them extra special. I did this by giving them new details.

Soft and pretty wings

I used the same pattern I always do for the body. To mix things up and make them extra special, I decided to add wings to the monsters. This detail can be executed in many ways. Just choosing the style of wings can create whole new monsters. There are fairy wings, butterfly wings, bat wings, dragon wings, and so many other options. For my friends, I made Angel Wings. I recently finished watching an excellent show on BBC called ‘The Fades‘. In the show, one of the characters has an amazing pair of wings. Mine were inspired by those wings in terms of shape and color. I wanted the wings to be a different material from the black fleece body of the monster. Looking for something with silvery gray color like my inspiration wings, I chose a fake fur. The fabric is Minky fur in a Paisley print. I like the incredibly soft texture of this fabric as well as the color accented with a beautiful design in contrasting black. I used a little bit of batting to make the wings thicker without giving them a stuffed look.

A glittering eye and felt heart

The other special touch that I gave these monsters were red hearts. I cut the hearts out of red felt and hand stitched them to the front of the monsters. I also wanted the eye to be a little different, I chose a silver glitter to match the silver color in the wings. I really like how these monsters gained new personalities with a couple little changes in appearance. Using new and different special touches, I was able to personalize these creations for my friends.

Monster friends

Next time I’m feeling stuck on something, or bored with a design, I’m going to mix things up! Getting a new look from an old favorite is as easy as adding a new felt accent, or changing something simple like the eye color. You can add wings, or try out a tail, the options really are endless.

Who wants a hug?

Tip Junkie handmade projects

The Toothy Monster

I like to draw my own patterns when creating a plush item. For this monster I tried several variations with feet or no feet, or matching arms and mouth colors. I finally found the version I like best. This yellow toothy monster is it! I’ve decided to use one solid color for the body, arms, and feet. I pick a different color for the mouth and use a complimentary color for the eyes. Lately I’ve been making these monsters with glow in the dark eyes! I’ve made this monster in yellow and red so far. I just stocked up on fleece and can’t wait to try out more combinations.