Easy Easter Decoration

Happy Easter! Today I want to share a quick and easy decorating idea with you. This piece goes together in less than five minutes, no glue required! To start, you will need a few items from the craft or dollar store. I got this little tin pail at Target, in the dollar bins area. My faux chocolate rabbit and eggs came from the craft store. You will need foam to fill the base, I used packing peanuts. Last but not least, the grass. I’m using a round grass topper that I picked up in the floral section.

tin pail

The first step is to fill your pail or bucket, or basket. I filled mine with packing peanuts, but a chunk of Styrofoam or floral foam works too, whatever you have on hand. We just need something to support the grass, and act as a stabilizer for the decorative sticks.

Easter sticks

I’ve chosen these eggs because I love the clear sparkly coating on them. And how real does this bunny look!? They sold this guy in lots of sizes too. Notice that each decoration has a wire stick to support it, you can trim this with your wire cutters to fit whatever project you are working on. In this case, make them short enough to fit into your base container.

fake grass

To cover my foam, I’m using this pot topper. The top side is this lush green realistic grass and the bottom looks like dirt, it’s reversible! If you wanted to use traditional plastic Easter grass, you could. Just make sure you glue it down or secure it with pins. Using this pot topper requires no glue, just fit it on top of your foam, inside the base. Now, stick your little decorations wherever you like! The wire sticks will stab through the foam and hold it all in place. If you plan on turning it upside down you may want to put a little glue around the edge of the grass to keep it in place.


How easy was that! You can now use your fabulous decoration as a centerpiece or on a mantle. This is a low cost craft that anyone can put together. This little tin pail has a handle too, so you can take it along to give to someone special at your Easter celebration. Enjoy!

Easter Decoration
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