Felt Christmas Ornament

Today I “felt” like sewing a little something. I decided to make a few Christmas ornaments. I gathered up some supplies I had on hand and got to work. A few hours later I had two ornaments and a good start on my new audio book! All you need to make one of your own is two colors of felt, a few inches of matching ribbon, and a few beads.

Step One

First cut out your front and back pieces for the ornament. I chose white felt and an oval shape. I used a decorative scissor for a wavy edge. Then cut out your embellishment. I chose green felt for a simple tree shape.

Step Two

Stitch your embellishment piece to the front piece of your ornament. You could use fabric glue if you don’t want to stitch as much but I like the way it looks.

Step Three

Next I picked out some tiny glass beads in bright colors.  Stitch the beads onto the tree.

Step Four

Now place your front and back pieces together and stitch together. I used red embroidery thread, separated in half for three strands thickness. start the stitch in between the felt layers to hide the knot. continue stitching from just left of the top until you have about a 1.5″ opening left.

Step Five

Using a little bit of poly-fil or the stuffing of your choice, fill up your ornament. Don’t over stuff these, you just want a little shape and dimension.

Step Six

Finished Felt Ornament

To finish your ornament fold the ends of your ribbon in half so that you can insert the two flat ends between the felt. I like to stitch the ribbon this way so that  the ornament will hang facing front. Finish your stitch with the embroidery thread and stitch a couple of times through the ribbon to secure it. Tie off the thread in a small knot on the backside of the ornament. Enjoy!