If it’s broke, buy it!

I recently made a trip to Goodwill where I found a really great piece of wall decor. I recognized the packaging as being a Target brand, this particular Goodwill gets a lot of Target home decor for some reason. So, a piece that originally cost $54.99 at Target set me back $25.00 at Goodwill.


Still being sold in stores and online.
Still being sold in stores and online.


This particular item was damaged. One of the wooden points had received a blow and been sheered off to reveal a much lighter wood base under the carving. I bought it anyway knowing I could fix it somehow. I thought about it on the drive home and decided to try making a replacement piece out of clay and then painting it to match. Since the wood was obviously painted with a few shades of brown, and hand carved allows for some differences, I wasn’t too nervous about creating a perfect match. I used Crayola Air-Dry Clay for the first time ever to attempt this repair. I was hoping that since the clay would remain in place to dry, it would hold the shape better than if I tried to bake a piece of polymer clay and hope it didn’t shrink too much. So, I shaped a rough wedge of clay and pressed it into the missing gap. Then I resized it and shaped it with my bone folder to have the same angled look on the top. I also used the bone folder to simulate the carves lines. Then I left it alone for about three days to dry out.


The clay during drying time.
The clay during drying time.


Once it was dry I found that it was firmly adhered to the wood and I didn’t need to glue it down or anything. I chose to sand the edges to get the shape to match the other points better. The top needed a little sanding to make the height match the rest of the carving as well. Many of the cut-out spaces had rough texture where it had been cut out and so I sanded all of the edges because I wanted a smoother look. I mixed up a bunch of brown, black, and tan paint until I got a close enough match and then I touched up the cut-outs and painted the clay repair. I used a few different shades and rubbed paint around with my finger and tiny brushes until I was happy with how it looked.


The circled point is the clay repair.
The circled point is the clay repair.


So, as you can see, it’s not bad. Especially from a distance of just a few feet, then you can’t even tell it was once broken. The best part is that I got a really neat piece of wall decor for less than half the price and it didn’t take long to fix! So don’t be afraid to buy something with a chip, scratch, missing part, or any other blemish. Chances are you can fix it and no one will ever know the difference!


Fully repaired and hanging on the wall.
Fully repaired and hanging on the wall.



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