Tissue Paper Cards

I’ve been so busy going to school for the last two years that my crafting adventures have been put on hold. Well, I just finished my internship this week and that means I’m completely done! I’m not ready to jump back into crafting just yet, but I made some cute cards this morning and thought I’d share them with you.

Every time I go to Cost Plus World Market I find the cutest gift wrap. I don’t really need it so I tend to only buy some at Christmas time, even though I’d love to use some as wallpaper someday! Yesterday I just couldn’t resist and bought a pack of tissue paper sheets with a retro travel theme. They had paper, bags, tags, tissue, felt totes, and note cards all in this adorable theme. The note cards were cute but they were all the same image and I just felt like the wrapping paper and tissue had so much fun stuff going on that they would make great cards.

The finished cards!
The finished cards!

It was really easy to make these cards, I bought the tissue paper and everything else I needed was already on hand. I used a cutting mat, x-acto knife, glue stick, blank note cards, glue pen, a metal ruler and a brayer.

Supplies you will need.
Supplies you will need.

First, cut out a piece of the tissue paper so that it has the design you want and is a little bigger than the front of the card. I used a glue stick to apply glue all over the front of the card, then carefully stick down the sheet of tissue paper, let the edges hang over. I smoothed it out with my hand first, then covered the card with the mat or a piece of paper and rolled over it with the brayer. It’s an extra step but it really helps get the tissue nice and flat.

Smooth out the paper with your brayer.
Smooth out the paper with your brayer.

The next step is trimming off the excess edges. Using your metal ruler, line it up with the edge just on top of the edge of the card and slice away the overlapping tissue. Repeat on all four sides! Once you have that done you can use the glue pen to touch up any loose corners that didn’t stick the first time.

Trim the edges to perfectly fit the card.
Trim the edges to perfectly fit the card.

This is a pretty easy craft that I could spend all day doing, there is enough tissue paper to make dozens of super cute cards! You can leave them blank and then rubber stamp the insides for whatever occasion comes up! I think I’ll be doing this again in a few months when it’s time to send out Holiday cards!

I can't get enough of these fun little scenes!
I can’t get enough of these fun little scenes!


One thought on “Tissue Paper Cards”

  1. Jess – Thanks for the great idea on storing small embellishments in a notebook (couldn’t comment there; guess you have comments turned off on older posts). I found it on Pinterest and came to read about it. I already had an ATC notebook; don’t know WHY I couldn’t think of a notebook for small embellishments. I see you have a new house. I absolutely love LiveWellNetwork.com’s Knock It Off which is about decorating on a budget.

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