The case of the spotted monster…

Hey everyone! I’ve been staying busy with some school stuff but I am trying to make a few new things for an upcoming show. The Super Rad PDX Craft Show is this weekend, check out the details in my events section or visit Super Rad PDX! To make a long story short, this is my latest creation. I¬†acquired more fake fur than you could imagine awhile back and just started trying some new things. This little guy started with some inspiration from a game I’ve been playing on my phone. The game is simple, feeding and playing with pet monsters. One monster in the game has curly ears that I thought were too cute. So, here is a monster with curly ears!

Curly ears

I start making new monsters by drawing out a pattern on paper. I cut out the paper pattern to mark my fabric. I originally had a different idea for the feet and this creature was going to be standing up. When I got the body sewn up and partly stuffed, I decided I wanted it to be a “sitter”. That’s how I describe flat bottoms and dangling legs or feet. So, the reason this post deserves a mystery novel title is as follows… changing a design midway is all fine and dandy, but this time I wasn’t thinking clearly and cut out a round piece for the seat area. After a frustrating amount of time, which shall remain a secret, I realized I cut the wrong shape! The last few “sitters” I made had round bottoms and by habit I just went with round. Silly me! This guy needed an oval shape, no wonder it wasn’t working!

An all around view

The thing I wanted to share with my fellow crafters is this, everyone makes a mistake once in awhile! I eventually stepped away from the table and two minutes later realized what I was doing wrong. Remember to take a break, it’s really easy to keep trying the wrong way hoping it will magically work. Even when I’m doing something like this, that I love and enjoy, I need to take breaks. Lesson learned. In the end, I am pleased with this new creature and I’m sure it will be a big hit at the show on Sunday.

The curly eared monster
Glow in the dark eyes