Stamped Notepads

These little notepads are fun and easy to make. You need a few supplies that you probably don’t have on hand. I’m using folding cards from Paper-Source. I bought mine in the store, online they seem to only offer a silver color. I’m sure you could find something similar to use, or make your own from thicker cardstock. The other main thing you will need is large Post-it notes. I’ve use recycled super sticky Post-it’s for my notebooks. Now you just need some colored paper, brads, a glue stick, and your rubber stamps.

Folding cards for your cover
Some supplies

The first thing you should do is measure a piece of paper for your front cover. I prefer to stamp onto a piece of paper rather than directly onto the cover. In addition to that larger piece, you will need to cut two strips of paper, either the same color or a complementary color to your design. These strips of paper will go across the bottom, on the front and back. The front strip gets glued down before you insert the brads, and the back strip will be glued on to cover up the brads on the backside. The brads are used to keep the bottom edge together which allows you to keep the cover closed, like a matchbook. Once you have your design stamped, you can glue that to the cover. I’ve added my Created by Jess stamp to the back of my notebooks.

Inside the notebook

To make these re-usable, I’ve chosen to fill them with super sticky Post-it notes. I divided each post it note pad into three sections. That gives about thirty notes per book, anymore and it would be too thick to close the cover. The great part is, the Post-it’s won’t leave a messy residue, when you run out, just stick some more inside!

Gossiping owls
Back of notebook
Bass Cat Notebook
Saxophone Cat Notebook
Tattoo themed rubber stamps decorate this cover

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