Felt Hearts Flower Pot

This craft is another creation put together with stuff I had in my supply stash. I had purchased some small paper mache boxes shaped like cupcakes. I decorated them last year but wasn’t too happy with them, the lids didn’t fit very well. I decided to toss the lids and just use the bottom like a flower pot. The base was already painted pink and I had added red flocking powder to the trim. I gave it one more coat of the flocking powder, using Elmer’s glue as an adhesive. With that finished I pulled out the other things I would need to finish this idea, wire for stems, styrofoam to fill the flower pot, sticky backed felt hearts, and some glitter.


The flowers are super easy to make, use already cut felt hearts with sticky backs. I cut long lengths of the silver wire, you’ll trim them down when you assemble the finished piece. Simply place the wire between two matching hearts and press together, done! Once I had all of the flowers together I used hot glue to attach the styrofoam chunk inside the flower pot. I cut a pink paper circle to cover the top. Using Elmer’s glue, coat the paper circle in a layer of glue and sprinkle with glitter. I used a pink and white glitter mix. Once that dries you can hot glue it onto the styrofoam to cover your flower pot top, make sure to glue down all around the edge.

Flower Pot base

I decided I wanted a little decoration to tuck in with the flowers, kind of like the card you get when you order real flowers. I used a cream colored paper and some rubber stamps to make this one. I stamped the border in red ink and a cute little bee in black ink. I colored the bee with marker and stamped the words, “BEE MINE” in red ink on a separate piece of paper. I cut out the words and inked the edges black, then glued them onto the background. I punched out a small circle of the same cream colored paper and sandwiched a wire between it and the little bee tag.

“Bee Mine”

Now it’s time to assemble your flower pot. I used a little metal piercing tool I have to poke holes into the glittered base, this make the wire insert smoothly. I continued to punch holes and insert and trim my wires to different lengths until all were in place. I punched one last hole for the little tag and left it a bit longer than the tallest flower. I put a small dot of  Elmer’s glue on top of each hole so that it would sink down and dry to hold the wires in place. That’s it! A very easy craft to make, no special skills needed. You can even mix things up and use paper flowers or other shapes besides hearts. I thought this made an adorable Valentine decoration!

Finished Flower Pot

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