Organizing with 3 Ring Binders – Embellishments

Today I want to expand on how great the 3 ring binder can be. Basically, this is the same storage method I use for stickers. When scrapbooking and card making first became a hobby, I used all sorts of storage containers. Currently, the endless options for embellishments means that I have way more than a few plastic boxes can handle. When you think about all of the buttons, brads, eyelets, clips, flowers, and other tiny things you have lying around, it can be overwhelming. Trying to keep all of these things sorted and easily accessible can be tricky. The biggest reason I wanted a better way to organize them is because I wanted to use them! It’s really easy to forget about all of the great embellishments you have when you can’t find them and look at them easily. Now I keep almost every embellishment style in my 3 ring binder.

In addition to the clear trading card storage pages, and a 3 ring binder, you will need one other  item to make this storage solution work. Tiny zip top bags. I bought mine at JoAnn’s in the jewelry supply section. Just make sure they are small enough to fit into the pocket of a trading card page and you’re all set!

Small zip top bags

The fun part, call me crazy, is filling all the little zip top bags with embellishments! You might be asking yourself, why can’t I just put the embellishments in the pocket without a bag? Trust me, it’s much quicker to pull out a little bag then trying to pick out the tiny piece you need from a tiny pocket. Also, if you ever drop the binder or pick it up when it’s upside down, you will be glad you took the time to use zip top bags! I haven’t made category tabs for my binders like I did with the sticker binder, but now that my embellishment collection has called for a second binder, it might be time to add tabs! The best part is seeing all of your stuff in one place and being able to get to it easily. A few inches of shelf space per binder makes for a much cleaner looking craft area. I hope this system helps you use your creativity without getting frustrated with your materials.

My embellishment binder

6 thoughts on “Organizing with 3 Ring Binders – Embellishments”

  1. As soon as I saw this , I knew it was for me! I just spent hours organizing and I love being able to see all my jewelry findings together. Great tip!!

  2. My mom actually gave me this idea while I was looking for organizers, and I love it, however I have ran into a problem with items falling out of the top. have you found a way to secure them? i also put them in a folder that zips for when they fall out.

    1. I occasionally have things fall out, I too put a zipper pouch in for those things that just won’t stay put or are larger. I don’t stuff too much in the pockets and I store the binders upright, that keeps it in place pretty well. Even if things fall out once in a while I find it so much easier to deal with than a bunch of stuff loose in a box! I suppose you could always buy some of the velcro sticky dots and cut them in half to kind of seal the opening of the pockets if you had something that just won’t stop falling out… good luck!

  3. What a fantastic idea. Living in a tiny house …under 200 sq ft. My head and finding boxes were hard to keep all out to c what I have and be available vwhile designing. Thank u for this great alternative inspiring me to get creative once again without frustration!!!

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