Organizing with 3 Ring Binders – Stickers

Happy 2012! To start off the new year I want to talk about storage and organization. Like most people who have crafty hobbies or jobs, I organize my supplies. I’m better with some than others. In hopes of helping other frustrated crafters, I want to share a few of my favorite organization methods. First up, 3 ring binders. You can use one you already have or find them just about anywhere from inexpensive plain ones to deluxe versions. I spent a little bit of money on what have become my favorite binders. Those are the 5″ binders, not only do they hold more stuff, but they have the rings mounted inside the back cover so that the pages lay flat and are easier to turn. I have a great big shelf from IKEA, I keep all of my binders on it so that whatever I need is right next to my desk.


Shelf full of binders


To store all of my stickers I use a large 3 ring binder filled with trading card storage pages. I usually buy the trading card pages at Target. Each page is hold punched and binder ready. There are nine storage slots in a three by three format. These are the perfect size for stickers! I made sections for my binder using white address label stickers. I cut the stickers into smaller lengths and placed them on the trading card pages to act as tabs. Like on file folders, I labeled each tab to keep track of the stickers subject matter.


Labeled sticker sections


I have been collecting and using my stickers for a very long time. If you need a sticker for a certain project, than this is by far the best way to find just what you want. I have sections for Birthdays, Weddings, Animals, Food, Flowers, and just about every other category you can imagine! When you look at the picture above you can see how easy it is to jump right in and find that perfect sticker.


Inside the sticker binder


As you can see, each little pocket holds a different style sticker. The Mrs. Grossman’s brand stickers fit perfectly and come in perforated strips that you can tear apart and stack. I buy these sticker sheets in packs or tear them off the roll at a few local stationary shops when I just need a few. Some of my other favorite stickers are Sticko brand. These stickers are really inexpensive, especially when they are on sale! They come on a larger single sheet, I just cut them into smaller sections that fit into the storage pockets. Most sticker sheets can be cut to fit, I have a large envelope that fits into the 3 ring binder for really big stickers. This binder makes locating the right sticker for the right project a breeze. I highly recommend this storage method as it is easy to use and it takes up little shelf space while keeping thousands of stickers tidy.


A big collection in a small space

3 thoughts on “Organizing with 3 Ring Binders – Stickers”

  1. I started this system over the weekend for buttons, stickers, and embellushments. This will work better for me then too many boxes. Thank u.

  2. Thank you so much for the grand idea of storing stickers. I have battled the sticker storage war for some time now. Yours has given me hope! I have adapted your idea but because I have carpal tunnel, the 5″ ring binders are too heavy. So I have opted for the 2″ binders. LOVE THEM! I now have them in sight, ready to use. I really enjoy flipping through the plastic sheet covers/baseball sheets to look and/or browse for stickers. I also adapted this same technique for my age old Lasting Impressions brass stencils. AWESOME! Thank you so much.

    1. I’m so glad this helped you to enjoy your stickers again! The worst thing is having tons of great supplies that you forget about because they are out of easy reach. Thanks for reading!

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