Making Wreaths Part 3

Sparkling Snowflake Wreath

This is another inexpensive wreath I made using cardboard as a base. I covered the cardboard in light blue paper and hot glued silver pipe cleaner around the outside edges. I glued a ribbon to the back for hanging. I had a bunch of plain chipboard snowflakes in various sizes and covered them all in shades of blue and white glitter. I covered the blue paper background in glitter and waited for it all to dry. Once dry, I used hot glue to attach the snowflakes all over the wreath. This wreath was quick and easy to make and looks great hanging up! I already had the supplies on hand. If you had to buy them you could do so for less than  $10 and have lots of glitter left over for future projects.

Partridge in a Pear Tree Wreath

This wreath was basically free to make. Again, cut out cardboard circles, this one has three. Cover the largest circle in patterned paper, I used a sheet of scrapbook paper. The middle circle of cardboard I cut with pinking shears and painted gold. I dusted the wet paint with gold glitter and glued this piece on top of the large circle. I covered the top piece of cardboard with an image from a  greeting card I had, I cut out the edge with decorative scissors. Super lightweight and endless customization along with a price you can’t beat. Have fun making as many of these as you want!

Snowman Wreath

Here is one more paper wreath I made using materials I had at home. Another trip to the recycling bin for more cardboard! This time I cut a large scalloped edge around the base of the wreath. I painted the cardboard and glued a ribbon on the back for hanging.  I used a large paper punch to punch out big circles from snowflake scrapbook paper. I used a plain light blue piece of paper for the center and put a snowman sticker and word stickers that say, “Let it Snow!” in the middle. I then glued my punched paper circles around the wreath. I had a bunch of plain chipboard mittens and hats which I painted. I added details to the mittens and hats with a white pen. I used hot glue to attach a chipboard accent to each paper circle. This wreath was super easy and fun to make. Use your imagination or pick a favorite image for the center and match the color and them to it. One of the best things about these decorations is that you can store them in very little space and if done with care they will last a very long time!



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