Making Wreaths Part 2

Red Tinsel Wreath

Today I want share with you two of my favorite wreaths in one of my favorite colors, red! The best part about each of these wreaths is that I spent only $1 each on supplies from The Dollar Tree. For the red tinsel wreath I cut out cardboard into a wreath shape and then wrapped my $1 red tinsel garland around it until it was covered, securing with hot glue. I finished it off with a red velvet bow I already had. The adorable chipmunks are cut out of a Christmas card that I bought on clearance last year and had been wondering what to do with. I twisted a little piece of wire into the back for hanging and for $1 and some found objects I have this delightfully cheery red wreath!

Peppermint Wreath

This peppermint wreath is another example of using things you already have at home and that special something you find at The Dollar Tree. In this case, that something is a set of plastic peppermint candy ornaments. I cut out a circle  of stiff grey sticky felt and covered it with red felt. I stuck a little loop of silver ribbon between the felt for hanging the wreath. I trimmed the felt with pinking shears for a decorative edge. I used hot glue to attach the peppermint candies in a circle. Using some rubber stamps and plain white paper I created the center of the wreath. I stamped a wood grain background in brown ink and them stamped and cut out little owls and birds to glue on. The phrase, “Home Sweet Home” seemed to go well with the sweet peppermint candy so I stamped those words out and glued them on to finish it off. This lightweight wreath is perfect for hanging anywhere you need a little extra fun!





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