You say Apatosaurus, I say Brontosaurus…

The Brontosaurus

This project started when my boyfriend suggested I make a Brontosaurus for his nephew as a Christmas gift. I usually draw all of my patterns to create my own unique plush. I did look around a little online first, but decided to draw one myself and see what I could come up with. I drew a large side view and used that as my starting point.

Paper Pattern

With this shape cut out, I used it to trace two complete dinos on my green fleece. Using the same pattern I traced the bottom half of the dino twice. The bottom only pieces act as the gusset, the material that adds width to the body. Using this style makes the finished plush stand up and look as if it could walk away when you aren’t looking. This results in a pretty cool plush but is a little tricky since I’ve only done it a few times and always with my handmade patterns.

Inside out Brontosaurus

As you can see above, my Brontosaurus is inside out and mostly sewn up. I left the neck and bottom of the head open. After lots of poly-fil stuffing I started to sew up the neck. I used another piece of fleece and made a second gusset to make the neck and head have some dimension as well. I sewed this in place by hand after inserting the eyes. I’ve only put eyelids on one other plush style so far, but I thought the Brontosaurus would look cute and sorta sleepy or sad with eyelids. After finishing all the stitching I wanted to take a few pictures so I moved to the stairs for a quick photo shoot. My cat Toby was very curious and interrupted the first shot!

Toby checking out the Brontosaurus

The finished Brontosaurus

During the making of my first Brontosaurus I was feeling nervous. I didn’t know how this would turn out, but isn’t that always the case when you try something new? And, in the end, I’m glad I tried. I like my green Brontosaurus, and the boyfriend approves too. This one is heading out the door to spread some Christmas cheer, you can be sure I’ll make another one soon!

Brontosaurus top view


7 thoughts on “You say Apatosaurus, I say Brontosaurus…”

  1. Thank you so much for this how-to. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a pattern to make a bunch of stuffed dinosaurs as prizes for my six-year-old’s birthday party, and I haven’t been able to find anything a) cute enough that a child would actually WANT it, and b) simple enough to make a bunch in a short period of time. I actually re-drew the pattern and adapted it a little to add spikes along the spine to some of them for a little variety, but I’ve got it down to the point that I can have one cut out and sewn in about fifteen minutes. I can’t thank you enough for simplifying this for me … and your dino is really really cute. The kids are going to love them!

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