Making Holiday Wreaths…

Decorated Pine Wreath

I love seeing all of the beautiful wreaths when the Christmas Decorations hit store shelves. What I don’t love are the prices on some of them! Instead of handing over $20 or $30 for a wreath , I made my own front door wreath. This one started as a plain pine wreath. It’s fake and I got it for less than $5 at the craft store. To decorate this wreath I bought several different floral picks and decorations. You can find these at the craft store in the floral section and choices are endless! I picked gold painted pine cones and pine branches, glittery gold balls, and some sparkling fake fruit. I also got a pretty little red bird. I broke off all the little glittery gold balls and hot glued them all over. Then I made a clump with the other decorations for the top and placed the bird at the bottom. All of the decorations were on sale and combined with the wreath itself cost about $8. I’ve hung this wreath up for the last four years and I think it still looks great.

Glittering Ball Wreath

Speaking of floral picks, this glittering ball wreath is made up of nothing but cardboard and a handful of those picks. I simply cut out the wreath from a piece of cardboard and covered the back with green paper. I glued a ribbon to hang it from on the back. I bought the floral picks in shades of pearly green, red, and white, and some that had clear crystal coatings for extra sparkle. I used wire cutters to remove all of the individual balls from the stems. Using hot glue I attached the balls all over until the wreath was covered. To fill in the gaps here and there, I squeezed some white glue onto the visible cardboard and sprinkled those spots with green glitter. When the white glue has dried you can just turn it over and tap it a few times to remove loose glitter. All ready for hanging and made for about $7 total.

Floral Pick in Red


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